The American Cancer Society Fundraiser

For one of my classes we are coming up with ideas for raising money to help the American Cancer society.We split up into groups and came up with ideas. We have many ideas but we can not pick one. I think we may be doing all of them. Some of our ideas are Friday Fun For Cancer which is were one night we will be babysitting kids with a free will donation, another one actually two groups had this idea is that we do a tree of hope and that is were we hang up a tree trunk and make leaves out of cut out hands on construction paper and then people put names of people that have cancer and are fighting it and then you put the hands on the tree trunk. Our last idea is to put buckets in the school each class has to  put money in the bucket and at the end of the week who ever has the most money there names get drawn  and then they get to pie a teacher. please comment and tell what idea you like best.


For class one day we had to bring objects that tell about us. The things I brought were because I like to play sports and some of the other things mean and tell a lot about me. We also had to make a time line. I chose the things I did because I thought they were important times in my life. It’s like the history of America because it tells about the important things in the world and in our lives. This year in eighth grade I hope to learn about the wars of America.

I brought a football, baseball, golf ball, and a basketball because I like to play sports. I also brought a deer because I like to go hunting. I have the Nebraska hat because I like the Corn Huskers.