I think that checking your blog to make sure you are getting visits is very important otherwise you may not be getting visits and you would not no.

Make shure you are always writing good post and that they are very intresting.

This is part of the week 9 challenge

2 thoughts on “Audit

  1. HI Chandler,
    I know you are on holidays now but I hope you check your blog to read this comment.
    I think it is fun checking to see if there are any comments. Also my students love to look at the Cluster Map each week and see how the numbers are growing. Last week we reached 1000. that was very exciting.
    Thank you for looking after our Flat Stanley’s Yes we did love the video. The students laughed alot.
    Happy holiday
    Mrs Howlin

  2. I still get excited when I see new visitors on my cluster map. Many visiters don’t leave comments, so that’s the only way I know they’ve dropped by. I’m amazed at how far away some visitors are. Where have you had visitors from?

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