I think that checking your blog to make sure you are getting visits is very important otherwise you may not be getting visits and you would not no.

Make shure you are always writing good post and that they are very intresting.

This is part of the week 9 challenge

linking your posts

This weeks challenge is to link things to your post. This way if you link were you found information people that want to look for were you got it from.

Here are the steps to add a link. 1. go to the website you want to link. 2.copy the web address you want to link . 3.highlight the word you are using to link it back  4. after you highlight it there will be something in the tool bar that looks like a chain click on it then copy your webpage on it.

Osama Bin Laden is DEAD!

Osama Bin Laden was killed yesterday in Pakistan. I think this may be the end to Al qaeda but I don’t know.

Osama was on dialysis because of kidney failure. The navy seals raided a compound in pakistan where he was staying.

Osama has 57 kids. He planned the 9/11 attack. Before they killed him the military has not heard from him in six years and has not

seen him in 8 years .