Earth Day

For earth day yesterday we went out side and picked up sticks. We put them in buckets and carried them to a pile.

Then the guy we were doing it for went to his house and brought back ice cream. we sat there and we ate ice cream outside

it was very cold. This is part of the week 7 challenge

Time to Catch Up

Man we have done so much blogging in the six weeks. I am trying to catch up on my posts and comments.

Post can be fun to write but sometime they can be hard. You need to make sure you write a good post and a good comment.

Sometime you may get bad comments that just say Hi or something like that. Just change the comment or delete it right away.

This is part of the week 6 challenge

Your Blogroll

Your blogroll is a way to find your way around to other people they know or like the persons blog.

You can find it on a sidebar some people only have one sidebar. If you only have one sidebar just put it on that one and then add some categories.

My categories are friends, people’s blogs I like, and teachers some teachers I know.

This is part of the week four blogging challenge.

Revolver Map and Flag Counter

Today I got a Revolver Map and a Flag Counter. They are really neat. They tell you where people that visit your blog and you can see where there from. On a revolver map you can customize

the background and what your globe looks likes if you want a revolver map click here. Flag Counter is another way to see where the people that visit your blog come from. If you want a flag counter click here. This is part of the week 3 blogging challenge