Their is a lot of talk about the earthquake that happened in Japan. I think it is very bad that it happened. I hope that no more earthquakes happen in Japan or any country. Natural disasters are very bad they destroy homes and many things. Many lives were taken and it is very tragic that this happened and the nuclear power plant and I hope they get it fixed and they clean up Japan.

Snow now? Really?

Well, it’s almost April and here in Iowa we just got some more snow. It’s not fun. I thought it would be fun to go back outside when the snow melted. I don’t know if  it will last, but I hope not. I am ready for summer, so I can go play baseball and basketball. We get out May 18, which is so exciting  and I can’t wait.  If you comment and leave a link, I will visit your blog.

My Avatar

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I made this avatar because I like the army and I think it looks very cool tell me if you think it looks cool too.
I think making a avatar is very fun it is so cool you can do anything you want it is so fun. If you don’t have you should get one
they are very fun to make. This the week two challenge post. Thank you for coming to my blog and make a good avatar.

Machine Guns

Old guns to new guns and how they work. What most people don’t know is that the machine gun started with a rapid firing gun called the Gatling gun. The Gatling gun is very cool by how it works. Old guns are different from modern day guns because they fired slower and some weren’t actually automatic. The first true machine gun was made by Hiram Maxim. He was an American inventor and by World War I many of his machine guns were being used. Plus many others from practical, rapid fire, and mechanical guns were used. The Gatling gun was a successful gun. The gun had to be hand-cranked to fire. The Gatling gun has six barrels to keep it from overheating.

The first full auto gun was built in the 19th century and Leonardo Da Vinci helped design it. The Montigny was another hand cranked gun. It was developed in Belgium. A machine gun is a automatic weapon that can fire from 400 to 1600 rounds per minute. Machine gun barrels can range from .22 cal. to 20 mil. Ammunition is fed into the gun by a belt, metal container, cloth pouch, or a clip. Machine guns fire so rapidly that they must be cooled down by air or sometimes even water and are sometimes mounted on a support. In all machine guns extremely high gas pressure provides the operating energy for the firing cycle. The cycle begins when the propellant charge in the cartridge case burns. This combustion creates the gas pressure that is used in the blow back, gas, and recoil operating system. All three systems fire the bullet through the bore of the barrel, eject the cartridge, place a new cartridge in the firing chamber,Proxy-Connection: keep-alive
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nd then ready the mechanism to repeat the cycle. In the blow back system the operating energy comes from the cartridge case as the case is forced to the rear by the gas pressure.

Modern day machine guns come in all different shapes and sizes the AK47, AUG, M16, and the M60. Modern day machine guns fire a lot faster than old ones and hold more ammo. These are mostly used for military training, just for fun, or combat. Today you have to have a special permit to own a automatic weapon. I have never fired an actual machine gun. Thank you for letting me tell you about old guns, new guns, how they work, and a little about the Gatling gun.

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