Genuis Hour Cooking Challenge

Last week for genius hour we made a video of a baking contest. Team 1, which was Paul and Jason, made brownies.

Team 2, which was Jaci and Becca, made cupcakes with a cookie dough middle and a home made frosting with sprinkles on top.

Justin and I made a video and also judged with Tyler. When all the baking was done and the judging was over we added up the scores and team 2 Jaci and Becca won.


Skype With Mr. Davis

Yesterday we used skype to skype a author named Kenneth C. Davis who writes books about our history in the US.

We asked him some questions about presidents and other things. We learned a lot about the presidents and different things.

One question we didn’t get to but I want him to answer is “Who do you want to win the presidential election?” You can visit his site by clicking here

Our Barn Quilt

Last week we started making barn quilts for our schools auction. Ours is an eight point star and we are painting it blue, white, red, and silver.

First you need to get a four foot by four foot sheet of plywood, we sanded the edges, and then primed it. When the primer is dry paint a two inch black box around the outside. Now you have to tape out the design you choose and then paint it.When the paint is dry peel the tape off and and when the whole thing is painted your done

. We had to come up with a new name so we named it the navigator star. This is ours and what it looks like when it is finished.




Blogging Challenge Index

This week we are doing a blogging challenge.

We are making five different post one for every day at school and on the weekends we can catch up if we are behind. Monday was Monday Mashup, Tuesday was Tuesday Listicle, Wednesday was Wordless Wednesday, Thursday was Off The Cuff Thursday, and Friday was Freelance Friday.

These are the five topics and a link to my blog posts.

Monday Mashup

Tuesday Listicle

Wordless Wednesday

Off The Cuff Thursday

Freelance Friday


My Novel Exerpt

As Amy turned the light on Joe found his hand in a slimy green goo. They walked farther into the cave and after a long mile of walking through the cave they came to another room. The room had tons of pillars and a long red carpet and a long line of old statues of knights holding out their swords on both sides to make a tunnel and all of this lead to a big ugly slimy green lizard.
“welcome” said the lizard in his low scratchy voice
“I have everything you need and a clue to your next clue”. Said the lizard

Art project

This week we have done some different things and today is off the cuff Thursday. Which is where we can right about whatever we want. I decided to right about our bird house that we are making for our schools auction. We have it every year and the parents go and buy the things their kids made.

This year me and two other people in our class are building a bird house. Our bird house is going to be red, white, and blue. We will not have a perch because we are going to have a deck for them to sit on instead. All the side are going to be white and they are going to say USA in red and blue on the sides. The top of the bird house are going to be American flags. The porch will be made of wooden dowels that will be painted red, white, and blue. On the inside we will put a towel on the bottom so it is comfortable.